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Accommodating just 28 guests, Orpheus Island Lodge is an all-inclusive, private island lodge located on the Great Barrier Reef. With only 14 rooms, Orpheus is the ultimate in secluded, unspoilt tropical paradise, stretching across 11km of immaculate turquoise coastline.
The luxury and exclusivity of Orpheus Island Lodge is widely documented, but what many people don’t know is that Orpheus is full of fascinating hidden secrets that are just waiting to be explored. 
Keep reading to find out five things you might not know about Orpheus.


5 Things You Might Not Know About Orpheus


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Locally grown produce

Orpheus has it’s own veggie patch!

Orpheus Island Lodge is committed to providing guests with locally sourced, sustainably produced ingredients. Orpheus staff have cultivated their very own veggie patch and maintain a chicken coop, which provides guests with a constant supply of fresh produce.
This initiative helps to reduce the distance from paddock to plate, which not only enhances the quality of the food served on the island, but also helps to reduce Orpheus’ carbon footprint. Orpheus Island Lodge is proud to be an eco-certified advanced ecotourism property and climate action business, and is committed to taking proactive measures to reduce any environmental impact on the island and surrounding reef.


James Cook University Research Station

Orpheus has its own Research Station!

At Orpheus Island, we are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and making a positive one on the community.
Orpheus Island Lodge has partnered with James Cook University to build the Orpheus Island Research Station, a marine research facility operated by James Cook University. Located within Pioneer Bay and with the ability to host up to 60 students at any time, the marine research facility is a world-class facility where students can study the well-developed fringing and mid-shelf reefs, mangroves, and the hundreds of species of fish and corals that flourish in the waters surrounding Orpheus Island.


Giant Clam

Orpheus has a giant clam garden! 

Just minutes by boat from Orpheus Island Lodge, the renowned Orpheus Island giant clam garden is a must-see for all visitors to Orpheus. Planted in the 1980s, the garden is now populated by 300 impressive molluscs, each weighing 150 – 200 kilograms, stretching 90 centimetres in width and donning ruffled chinchilla lips in a rainbow of colours.



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No locks on Orpheus Island

No locks, no wallets, no worries

Orpheus Island Lodge is all about stepping back in time, indulging in simplicity and disconnecting from the outside world. At Orpheus Island, we have a no-key policy, so guests can only lock their rooms when they are occupied. In addition to this policy, the all-inclusive nature of Orpheus’ accommodation packages allows guests the freedom of not needing a wallet during the duration of their stay on the island.
These policies really allow guests to submerge themselves in the simplicity of life on Orpheus Island, to disconnect with the world and fully embrace the simplicity of a life without locks, wallets and worries.



Reef Keepers Fund

Reef Keepers Fund

At Orpheus, we are passionate about preserving the reef that makes a guests stay so special. The Reef Keepers Fund is an environmental fund created by the Morris Group that supports projects and organisations that are committed to protecting the Great Barrier Reef.
The fund allows guests to indulge with a clear conscience, as $50 per guest stay is donated toward environmental projects aimed at protecting and preserving the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem.


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Orpheus is a tropical paradise filled with adventures, surprises, and hidden treasures at every turn.

If you want to learn more about the secrets of Orpheus, enquire now to stay at Orpheus Island Lodge.


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