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1. Be careful with coral

When snorkelling or diving, please refrain from touching the coral and definitely don’t take anything with you. To help the memory last forever, consider hiring an underwater digital camera to capture the amazing underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef.


2. Be sun smart but also reef smart

Sunscreen can have damaging effects on the reef when you swim or snorkel. Apply at least 30 minutes before entering the water and try to find a sunscreen without the oxybenzone ingredient. People 4 Ocean is one Australian sunscreen brand providing a reef safe option for beach goers.  Their products are free of coral-damaging ingredients and are biodegradable in aquatic systems. Purchasing their products also helps to support our precious reef system, as $1 per product is donated to the restoration of the Great Barrier Reef.


3. Flick the switch

Minimise your energy consumption by turning off all lights and unnecessary appliances whilst you explore the Great Barrier Reef. A small and simple action for a big gain.


4. Reusable drink bottles

It is important to stay hydrated whilst travelling. Bring your own drink-bottle with you wherever you go to minimise plastic waste.


5. Turn the air conditioner off whilst you explore

Whilst we all want to return to a cool room, is it really worth the hours of energy wasted? Closing the blinds can help keep your room cool whilst you are out. Whilst you are relaxing in your room, be mindful of how long you are using the air-conditioning and at what temperature it is set to.


6. Avoid plastic bags

Plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Due to their light weight, plastic bags can easily end up in our precious waters, threatening the lives of the creatures of the Great Barrier Reef. Avoid bringing any plastic bags with you during your stay.


7. Sustainable fishing practices

Return all undersized or unwanted fish quickly to minimise injury. Whilst fishing, ensure that you abide by no-take zones rules to prevent harm to endangered species.


8. Pack lightly 

Packing less can have positive long-term benefits for the environment. Lighter luggage means lighter fuel usage, and therefore a healthier environment. All amenities will be taken care of once you arrive, so ensure you just pack the essentials.


If you are interested in sustainability, read more about the eco-sensitive steps taken by Orpheus Island to protect and preserve the natural environment.