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One of the most luxurious Great Barrier Reef resorts, Orpheus Island Lodge offers a variety of enriching activities. We make it so easy to explore the Great Barrier Reef, whether you want to paddle around the island in a kayak, embark on a sailing excursion or venture beneath the surface while scuba diving. Here’s a handful of our favourite things to do at the Great Barrier Reef.

Things To Do At The Great Barrier Reef

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Unlike most Queensland resorts, every guest at Orpheus Island Lodge has unlimited use of snorkelling equipment during their stay. Combine this with a number of coral reefs metres from the island and you’ve got a unique opportunity to explore the Great Barrier Reef at your leisure. There are so many snorkelling spots on the Great Barrier Reef, but some of our favourites include the protected Giant Clam Garden and Bramble Reef.

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Active travellers might prefer to paddle their way around Orpheus Island in a kayak. Rent a kayak from the resort and cruise from one sheltered bay to the next, stopping occasionally to explore a secluded beach or the verdant mangroves. As you kayak, you can easily spot the vibrant Great Barrier reef fish, stingrays, sea turtles and even dolphins in the crystalline water.

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Dinghy Adventure


Want to pack some supplies and head out for the day? Take advantage of the motorised dinghies at Orpheus Island Lodge. Venture to one of the many private beaches or quieter reefs around the island for some snorkelling, fishing or simply to have a Captain Cook. We can even have our experienced chefs prepare you a picnic for a leisurely lunch.



Orpheus Island Lodge is one of the best Great Barrier Reef resorts for sailing, thanks to the secluded bays around the island. You can take one of our catamarans out for a relaxing sailing excursion that reveals even more of Orpheus Island’s natural spoils. White-sand beaches, vibrant fish and crystal-clear water await. You might even be joined by a dolphin or two if you’re lucky.



There’s a reason the Great Barrier Reef is popular with fishing enthusiasts. The region is teeming with fish ideal for sports fishing, from some of the world’s largest marlin to mackerel, tuna, wahoo and sailfish. You can embark on your own private fishing trip in one of our motorised dinghies with rented fishing gear or join a chartered fishing trip to the Brambles, Rib, Walker or Trunk reefs. The chartered experience includes a skipper, fishing gear, refreshments and snacks.

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Stand-Up Paddleboarding


A relatively new Great Barrier Reef activity, stand-up paddleboarding is a fun and adventurous experience. It’s great exercise for active types and also offers an opportunity to spot fish, sea turtles, stingrays and dolphins swimming in the waters around Orpheus Island. We recommend heading north from the resort to Pioneer Bay or exploring the southern part of the island around Yanks Jetty, both of which have excellent reefs.

Never A Dull Moment At The Great Barrier Reef

Here at Orpheus Island Lodge we offer a range of things to do at the Great Barrier Reef. There are so many ways to experience this incredible part of the world, so why not try them all or at least a few. Looking for your next Great Barrier Reef adventure? Browse our range of accommodation options online.


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