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Josh Childs

About The Chef

Fuelled by curiosity and a desire to carve his own path, Josh took a leap of faith at the age of 16 and wrote a letter to a local restaurant hoping for work. Fortunately, this creativity and determination landed him a trial at the well-known Mustard and Punch restaurant in Honley, England. Those transformative three hours behind the scenes were an exhilarating whirlwind that sealed his fate as a chef, inspiring him to want to work in a Michelin kitchen one day.

Driven by an insatiable hunger for excellence, Josh’s journey led him to cross paths with renowned chefs, including the legendary Nathan Outlaw. Under his guidance, Josh developed a profound love for seafood and honed his skills in allowing quality produce to shine. But Josh’s culinary aspirations knew no boundaries as he embraced adventure and embarked on an epic culinary odyssey down under to Australia.

Yet, the magnetic pull of his homeland called him back. After a friend extended an invitation to join the esteemed team at L’Ortalan, where the team thrived and everyone relentlessly pushed each other to new heights, Josh’s dream remained to return to Australia.

Immersed once again in the dynamic Australian culinary scene, Josh continued to collaborate with phenomenal chefs who shared his passion for pushing boundaries. This has led him to Orpheus Island Lodge, where Josh talks about everything from the great produce to great people that Far North Queensland has to offer. The freedom to have a daily changing menu at the lodge drives his creativity, with plenty of nature to inspire dishes (including the fish supplied by Chris Bolton).

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