About Orpheus Island

About Orpheus Island

Orpheus Island Lodge

The island comprises more than 1,000 hectares of national park and  is surrounded by pristine fringing reef you can access by stepping just out of your room.

The island lodge features the main pavilion bar and alfresco dining area, our restaurant, reading room, our day spa and an inviting 25m x 13m infinity pool that mirrors the Coral Sea.

All stays at Orpheus Island include three gourmet meals prepared daily by the dedicated culinary team, a selection of wines, beers, spirits, as well as soft beverages, use of our water sports equipment and a daily Orpheus experience.


Day Spa
Awaken the senses and rebalance the mind and body at Gwandalan Day Spa.

Beaches & Pool
There are a number of beaches to explore around Orpheus Island, and an inviting 25m x 13m infinity pool that mirrors the Coral Sea adjacent to the main pavilion.

The social meeting point at Orpheus Island, guests can enjoy a selection of complimentary wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks, juices and snacks, as well as order that special cocktail, boutique beer or French Champagne.

We offer a selection of publications for guests to enjoy that can be handpicked at our boutique.

Orpheus Boutique
Shop from a range of Australian brands. The boutique offers sunglasses, swimwear, shirts, cover-ups, hats and gifts.

Dive Shop
Get all the essentials for your diving adventure including sunglasses, rashies, iPhone cases and, of course, diving gear.

Games Room
A little spot to take a break from the sun, play pool, some games or watch television.

Activities & Day Trips
We offer extensive complimentary and paid adventures including diving, snorkeling, fishing, beach or island drop offs, sunset cruises and guided walks. Guests can visit Hinchinbrook Island and explore the iconic waterfall, and tours are available to James Cook University Research Station.

Catamaran, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks & Dinghies
We offer a catamaran, paddleboards, kayaks and dinghies for complimentary guest use.

Walking Tracks
There are a number of walking tracks that allow guests to explore the beautiful native bushland of Orpheus Island’s National Park environment.

Orpheus Island offers Wi-Fi in the main pavilion which is covered by Telstra’s mobile network. Other networks provide limited coverage.


During the green season (November to April) there is a chance of refreshing rain. The Lodge has a seasonal closure from 1 February 2024 and re-opens on 1st March 2024

Our Relationship with the Reef

The Great Barrier Reef hosts one third of the world’s coral species and is home to an abundance of marine life. Whilst the reef area surrounding Orpheus Island is still in excellent condition, there are many areas on the reef that have been impacted by coral bleaching, damage from cyclones and the coral-eating starfish, the crown of thorns.

Orpheus Island Lodge is respectful, protective and proud of the reef and is investing in the preservation of this exquisite organism for future generations. We are working in partnership with James Cook University to address the crown of thorns issue, and with Orpheus Island Research Station on the recovery of the reef after cyclones. We support Great Barrier Reef Legacy to understand coral bleaching and ways we can assist the reef to adapt.

We also foster visitor connections with the world’s largest living organism in line with Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority regulations so you can feel confident your experience is a positive one for you and mother nature. If you are fascinated by wildlife, there is breathtaking nature to enjoy all-year-round at Orpheus Island.

Diving on the reef

Nature at Orpheus Island

The underwater world is home to more than 1,500 fish species, 10% of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Above the water, there are so many wildlife species residing on Orpheus Island and the surrounding island group.

Creatures of the Great Barrier Reef

Manta Rays
Manta rays are truly friendly creatures of the reef. These harmless rays have a toothless mouth and are free of the sharp barb, making them the perfect swimming buddy.

Humpback Whales
During the winter months of June to September, humpback whales grace the waters of the Great Barrier Reef with their presence.

Reef Sharks
Generally a reclusive species, the reef sharks of the Great Barrier Reef feed on small fish and stay clear of humans. Reef sharks can be found swimming in the shallow waters of the reef, but are nothing to be scared of.

Australian Snubfin Dolphin
The Australian snubfin dolphin is a rare species endemic to northern Australian waters. The species can be identified by their rounded snouts and can usually be found swimming around the shallow waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Tree Frogs
During the wet season, these bright green amphibians make themselves known to Orpheus Island guests.

Green Tree Frogs
Green tree snakes are completely harmless and do not pose a threat to humans. This friendly species can grow up to two metres long, and can often be spotted dangling from a tree branch around Orpheus Island.

More than 200 bird species can be found soaring over the Great Barrier Reef. Some species to be on bird watch for include the white-bellied sea eagles and brown falcons that hunt the aquatic animals residing in the reef.

Closely related to a rabbit, these small marsupials can only be found in Australia. The local bandicoots are friendly in nature and will often greet our guests.


We take action. To protect, to restore, and to preserve our environment so future generations can be left in awe like we are every day.

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