Around the world in 4 dishes – themed lunches at Orpheus

Morris EscapesTeam 3·1 Jun, 2024

If you thought travelling to an island on the Great Barrier Reef was going to be the one big adventure of your holiday, you’re wrong. At Orpheus Island you’ll go on adventures all day, everyday. There’s snorkelling trips, island hikes, and visits to the research centre on the island. To fuel it all, each lunchtime you’ll go on a different epicurean adventure that takes your taste buds around the world with this daily-changing menu. On the island, Head Chef Josh and his team’s destination-specific dishes are legendary so let’s get a taste of what the stops could look like over a four day island adventure.


From night markets to Michelin-starred restaurants, Singapore is a city bursting with flavours. It’s this melting pot that the chefs have captured when lunch is plated up at the lodge each day. You’ll tuck into Malay fried chicken wings and Singapore noodles and fire up the taste buds with a traditional Rojak salad. A trip to Singapore isn’t complete without chilli crab, and on Orpheus Island it’s served up on soft, moreish bao buns. Dessert is a palate-cleansing tropical shaved ice bowl.


Close your eyes and imagine: the vibrant stacks of spices in the markets, the beeping horns of tuk tuks in the street, the flash of brightly coloured sari in shop windows. India is a feast for the senses, and Indian lunch on Orpheus Island is no different. There’s rogan josh made on slow roast lamb shoulder, onion bhaji and turmeric rice and prawn tikka masala. To go with it all, the chefs have whipped up house made garlic naan, as well as raita and island mango chutney.

Eating lunch while enjoying Coral Sea views


Closer to home and close to our hearts, our top-notch produce is the star of the show on the Australian lunch menu. There’s tiger prawn cocktail ‘sandos’, salt baked Chris Bolton coral trout straight from the ocean at the front door, triple cooked Sebago potatoes and a classic watermelon, feta and mint salad. And for dessert, it’s our national dish given a lodge spin – the Orpheus pavlova.


Classic Korean dishes are the name of the game when it comes to the Korean lunch menu. That means you’ll have your fill of steaming beef Bulgogi, glass noodle Japchae salad, and Korean fried chicken. There’s house made kimchi for the kimchi pancakes, and you’ll have plenty of banchan to choose from – traditional Korean side dishes. Save room for dessert, as the cinnamon and peanut-filled hotteok cakes are not to be missed.

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