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The underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef is home to a myriad of species. The vivid coral and the friendly reef residents provide divers with an unparalleled underwater experience. For those wanting to go deeper than the surface, there are many diving spots within the Great Barrier Reef to explore. There are tours available for all experience levels, regardless of whether it is your 1st or 100th dive.


From Orpheus Island, guests can organise a charter to explore some of the untouched, pristine reefs. Spend the day exploring Brambles, Rib, Walker or Trunk Reefs – some of the hidden secrets on the Great Barrier Reef.

Dive Tour Great Barrier Reef

Walker Reef



Some of the more popular dive spots of the Great Barrier Reef include:



Dive into the mystery of the SS Yongala Wreck – the tragic scene of where a luxury vessel carrying over 120 passengers was hit by a cyclone. The incident dates back to 1911 and remained undiscovered for nearly 50 years. Today, the shipwreck is covered in vibrant coral, attracting an abundance of marine life.

Dive Spots Great Barrier Reef

SS Yongala Wreck

SS Yongala Wreck Checklist

– Eagle Ray
– Moray Eel
– Guitar Shark
– Giant Kingfish
– Banded Sea Snake
– Sea Turtles
– Bull Shark



Cod Hole is one of our favourite dive spots on the Great Barrier Reef. Named after its friendly residents, the Potato Cod. They won’t be hard to spot, reaching approximately 2.5metres in length and 100kg in weight.

Great Barrier Reef Dive

Cod fish at Cod Hole

Cod Hole Checklist:

– Potato Cod
– Maori Wrasse
– Frog Fish
– Lion Fish
– Bat Fish
– Goat Fish
– Angel Fish
– Nurse Shark



Located on the Osprey Reef, the North Horn dive site is best known for its population of friendly sharks.  North Horn is the perfect dive spot on the Great Barrier Reef to get up close and personal with a range of different shark species.

Dive Spots Great Barrier Reef

Friendly sharks at North Horn

North Horn Checklist

– Grey Shark
– Silvertip Shark
– Whitetip Reef Shark
– Dogtooth Tuna



Steve’s Bommie is the perfect location for first time divers to adventure into the underwater world. This Great Barrier Reef dive spot is rich in marine life, so you can guarantee you will get to meet the residents of the bommie.

Dive Spots Great Barrier Reef Steve's Bommie

Steve’s Bommie

Steve’s Bommie Checklist

– Blacktail Snapper
– Nudibranch
– Stone Fish
– Wobbegong Shark
– Leafy Scorpion Fish