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Orpheus Island is the perfect place for your kids to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Our lodge is one of the few luxury resorts on the Great Barrier Reef that is family friendly and welcomes children of any age.



10 Reasons why Orpheus Island Lodge is the most family-friendly destination on the Great Barrier Reef.


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1. While staying at Orpheus Island Lodge, children can learn all about the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef and the creatures that inhabit the ocean. A holiday on the Great Barrier that is educational as well as recreational can be found here at Orpheus Island.


2. The waters of the bay and surrounds are perfect for beginner snorkelers. Children will be able to discover the giant clam garden and a mind-boggling array of coral and colourful fish just off Orpheus Island with the calm beaches perfect for your little ones to explore.


The waters of the bay and surrounds are perfect for beginner snorkelers.


3. Our extremely friendly staff are great with children and can assist you in creating an itinerary that the whole family can enjoy. On arrival, staff can help organise the family-friendly activities that Orpheus Island offers.


4. There are many adventures on offer that your kids will be able to remember for years to come. The family can spend a day exploring the surrounding islands on the Great Barrier Reef, snorkel through the home of thousands of underwater species, go on a motorised dinghy adventure or relax by the infinity pool.


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Take a motorised dinghy on an adventure.


5. Our meals are tailored to meet all dietary needs, including those fussy eaters! As soon as you arrive on to Orpheus Island, you will meet with our team of talented chefs to discuss meal plans to ensure everyone will be leaving the table satisfied. Those fussy eaters will be catered for while more adventurous ones will be happy to dive into the constantly changing menu.


6. Child minding services are available upon request so that you can have some childfree time to explore Orpheus Island in your own style.


Orpheus Island


7. The proximity of the villas to the open-air dining rooms allows parents to return for an evening dessert and a nightcap. Your night doesn’t have to end when the children go to bed!


8. Enjoy an escape out onto the reef with our day tours such as our sailing or fishing charters. The day tours are a great family option for those who like a bit of adventure and great for unique family bonding!


Boat charters available.


9. Our all-inclusive accommodation packages mean there are no hidden costs and no extra expenses, a huge advantage when you’ve got a family to cater for.


10. There’s no need for adults to miss out on a touch of indulgence in our day spa with childminding services available while you soak up the luxury of our spa treatments!


Great Barrier Reef Spa Package

A family holiday without sacrificing luxury.


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At Orpheus Island Lodge, we make family holidays easy. Orpheus Island is the ultimate destination for a family holiday without sacrificing on luxury. With snorkelling, fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking and sailing all complimentary in your accommodation package, you can choose a different activity every day and keep everyone happy at Orpheus Island Lodge!


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