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The Great Barrier Reef is arguably one of Australia’s more recognisable icons, with almost two million people visiting the reef each year. And it’s no wonder it attracts so many visitors – with crystal clear water, majestic coral reefs, an abundance of marine life, pristine white beaches and sandy cays, the Great Barrier Reef is breathtakingly beautiful. But busier is not always best! So if you’re wishing to explore this natural wonder in peace, then check out our guide to the Great Barrier Reef’s top secret beaches.


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Orpheus Island.

Secret Beach 1: Orpheus Island

Orpheus Island boasts immaculate turquoise coastlines, fringing coral reefs, secluded bays and vibrant marine life. A tranquil tropical setting, the sandy white beaches dotted along the Orpheus Island coastline are reserved exclusively for guests staying at Orpheus Island Lodge.

A rare island hideaway of exceptional beauty, guests can explore the many neighbouring beaches by motorised dinghy (don’t forget your chef-prepared gourmet picnic hamper, beverages and snorkelling gear), kayak through the island’s resident mangroves and paddle-board in the sheltered bay enveloping the lodge. Accommodating just 28 guests at any one time, Orpheus’ secret beaches will be all yours to explore.



Vlasoff Cay.

Secret Beach 2: Vlasoff Cay

Picture touching down on your very own slice of paradise in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef! Accessible only by helicopter, Vlasoff Cay is a pristine white sandy cay surrounded by picturesque coral-studded sea. Spend a few hours relaxing in deck chairs under the shade of an umbrella, snorkelling the surrounding calm crystal clear waters, nibbling on a gourmet picnic hamper, sipping on champagne and taking a romantic stroll along the cay before the tides change and the sandy oasis is underwater. It’s a popular spot to tie the knot, and a favourite for proposals.



Michaelmas Cay.

Secret Beach 3: Michaelmas Cay

A nesting habitat for migrating birds and turtles, Michaelmas Cay is a wildlife lovers dream. The sand is dotted with egg shells and sea shells, and the ocean is full of resting and foraging turtles. This secret sandy cay is accessible even when the tide is high, however to maximise visiting time, it is best to visit Michaelmas Cay when the tide is low.



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Pelorus Island.

Secret Beach 4: Pelorus Island

Located 800 metres north of Orpheus Island, Pelorus Island showcases pristine beaches and spectacular fringing reefs accessible straight off the beach, which make for a remarkable dive or snorkel experience on the Great Barrier Reef. If exclusivity is what you’re chasing, then untouched Pelorus Island is calling you! Arrive on the island via a short and scenic boat charter from Orpheus Island, book a gourmet chef-prepared picnic hamper, and enjoy this remote island beauty in utter complete privacy.



Hinchinbrook Island.

Secret Beach 5: Hinchinbrook Island

Despite being the largest island on the Great Barrier reef, this tropical paradise is completely uninhabited. Explore the rugged coastline of Australia’s largest national park in complete seclusion, with only 40 guests allowed to visit the island at any one time.

Just a short boat charter from Orpheus Island, the views are nothing short of spectacular and the extensive mangrove areas and long sandy beaches make Hinchinbrook Island an environmental haven for dugongs, turtles, and many other marine creatures. Hinchinbrook Island is the perfect day trip for nature lovers and adventurers alike!


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The Great Barrier Reef is teeming with a vast array of marine life and secret beaches to explore. If you are looking for an island destination with private white sandy beaches, stunning coral reefs, and boutique accommodation, then enquire now to stay at Orpheus Island Lodge.

With pristine beaches and reef systems accessible from your doorstep, Orpheus Island Lodge is the ultimate destination for breathtaking beauty and luxury accommodation.


With pristine beaches accessible simply by stepping out of your front door, Orpheus Island Lodge is the ultimate destination for breathtaking beauty and luxury accommodation.


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